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Easily expand
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online presence

Launch your NPO's website in just a few clicks

  • Streamline creation and management with ready-to-use modules
  • Optimized for every device: mobile, tablet, and beyond
  • Supports multilingual content and offers advanced customization: HTML or CSS code access, and more

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Easily collect registrations and online payments

  • Handle registrations and payment collection: memberships, donations, ticketing, online sales, and more.
  • Offer content dedicated to your community: member directory, blog, etc.
  • Simple updates through your management dashboard

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Provide a dedicated space for your members and donors

  • A connected space that enhances the engagement and independence of your members and donors
  • Simplified access to receipts, invoices, membership renewals, etc.

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Boost your association's visibility on search engines

  • Integrated tools for optimal SEO: meta tags, etc.
  • Automatic submission to Google: we notify Google when your site is created or updated
  • Connect to analytics tools

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A secure website that adheres to legal standards

  • Secure online payment
  • Compliance with personal data protection standards
  • Protection against cyberattacks

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Choral Canada saved $15,000 per year and 10 hours per week in administrative tasks thanks to Yapla.

Meghan Hila

Meghan Hila

Executive Director
Choral Canada

Accelerate the digital transformation
of your NPO with our 
Professional Services

  • Analysis of your needs
  • Drafting of the specifications
  • Design, integration, and deployment
  • Team training

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A website creation solution tailored for NPO’s

Easily manage your website with Yapla

  • Simple, secure, multilingual, and multi-platform
  • Transactional website
  • Advanced customization

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An all-in one toolkit designed to simplify the management of your activities

Memberships Memberships Membership


Simplify membership management and communicate easily with your members

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Ticketing Ticketing Ticketing


Create a free online ticketing system and confidently manage your events

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Donations DonationsDonations


Collect your donations, send out tax receipts, and build loyalty with your donors

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Website WebsiteWebsite


Give your NPO the visibility it deserves with an easy-to-manage website

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Accounting Accounting Accounting


Maintain a clear and accurate accounting system effortlessly, no major accounting expertise required

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Contact ContactsContact


Organize and easily utilize your contacts with a unique and reliable database

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Newsletter NewsletterNewsletter


Showcase your projects, share your news, and personalize your communications

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P2P Campaign

Multiply your donations by involving your community in your campaign

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Training TrainingTraining


Simplify your training management from promotion to registrations, reminders, attendance, tracking, certificate issuance, to invoicing, all made easy

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Tradeshows Tradeshows Tradeshows

Events / Tradeshows

Organize your events, conferences, and conventions successfully

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Sales SalesSales


Sell goodies, calendars, articles... Fund your projects through online sales

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Raffle and Lottery Raffle and LotteryRaffle and Lottery

Raffle and Lottery

Reach more participants by selling your raffle and lottery tickets online

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Frequently asked questions about Website (FAQ)

Creating a website for your NPO, even without technical experience, can be simplified through user-friendly content management platforms (CMS). These tools offer customizable templates, making it easy to build a site that meets your organization's needs. It's crucial to choose a CMS that supports the functionalities you need, such as online donations, event registration, or member management. Solutions like Yapla are specifically designed for NPOs, offering a range of tools suited without requiring technical skills.

Creating a website for an association can vary in cost, ranging from $100 to $1000 per month for basic to customized solutions. Specifically for NPOs, Yapla offers the ability to build an associative website for just $24 per month. This price includes integrated functionalities essential for NPO management, without any extra charges based on membership size.

To make your NPO's website both attractive and functional, focus on the essentials: a clear presentation of your mission and goals on the homepage, information on how to engage with your cause (become a member, donate, or participate in events), and easy-to-find contact methods. A responsive design that adapts to all devices is also crucial. Using software like Yapla allows you to build a site tailored to the specific needs of NPOs, integrating these key elements intuitively, without requiring deep technical skills. This helps ensure that your site not only catches the eye but also serves as an effective platform to support your mission.

Regular maintenance and updating of your site are crucial for security and visitor engagement. Use a CMS that allows easy content updates, like news, events, and blog posts. Schedule periodic checks for security updates and ensure your site is compatible with the latest browser versions and mobile devices. With a solution like Yapla, you have complete autonomy to update your website and its contents, without needing specific technical skills.

If your NPO is considering outsourcing the creation of its website, several financing avenues are available. Start by considering specific grants for non-profit organizations, available at various government levels. Another option is to launch a crowdfunding campaign, which can not only raise the necessary funds but also increase your community's engagement with the project. Partnerships with local businesses also present an opportunity, offering financial support in exchange for advertising on your site. These strategies can help you secure the necessary funding while building strong ties with your community and local economic actors.

Given the various options available, such as WordPress, SiteW, and Odoo, which offer a variety of functionalities for website creation, Yapla stands out as the ideal solution for NPOs. For $24 per month, Yapla exceeds expectations by providing not only the necessary tools for creating an attractive website but also NPO-specific functionalities, such as member management and payment collection, greatly simplifying the daily management of your organization.