Easily manage memberships and members online

  • 100% Free Access, No Commissions or Fees
  • Simplified management of memberships for you
  • Easy and convenient registration for members

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Membership Management Software for Associations

An all-in-one software for easy management
of your NPO's memberships

Streamline your registration process and save time

  • 100% customizable online membership form
  • Flexible and secure payment methods
  • Simplified Handling of Unique Membership Situations

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Guarantee effective communication with your members

  • Customizable automated messaging: Confirmations, Invoices, Tax Receipts, Renewal Alerts, and More
  • Attachments made simple: Invoices, Tax Receipts, Membership Cards

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Optimize membership renewals

  • Automated membership renewals
  • Notifications to members
  • Easy tracking of renewed and expired memberships

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Maintain a clear overview of your member database

  • CRM with member profiles always up to date
  • Statistics and reports available

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Impact your community positively

  • Online space and reserved content for members.
  • Enhance and promote your services with powerful tools: directory, blog, event calendar, exclusive discounts, and more.

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The ultimate platform
for membership collection and management

Guarantee efficient and sustainable management of members and memberships

  • Simple and fully secure online membership process
  • Clear view of your members and memberships in the CRM
  • Custom messages & added-value services for lasting relationships
  • Systematic accounting entry

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membership management software npo

They make membership management easy,
with Yapla

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An all-in one toolkit designed to simplify the management of your activities

Memberships Memberships Membership


Simplify membership management and communicate easily with your members

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Ticketing Ticketing Ticketing


Create a free online ticketing system and confidently manage your events

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Donations DonationsDonations


Collect your donations, send out tax receipts, and build loyalty with your donors

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Website WebsiteWebsite


Give your NPO the visibility it deserves with an easy-to-manage website

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Accounting Accounting Accounting


Maintain a clear and accurate accounting system effortlessly, no major accounting expertise required

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Contact ContactsContact


Organize and easily utilize your contacts with a unique and reliable database

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Newsletter NewsletterNewsletter


Showcase your projects, share your news, and personalize your communications

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P2P Campaign

Multiply your donations by involving your community in your campaign

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Training TrainingTraining


Simplify your training management from promotion to registrations, reminders, attendance, tracking, certificate issuance, to invoicing, all made easy

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Events / Tradeshows

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Sales SalesSales


Sell goodies, calendars, articles... Fund your projects through online sales

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Raffle and Lottery Raffle and LotteryRaffle and Lottery

Raffle and Lottery

Reach more participants by selling your raffle and lottery tickets online

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Frequently asked questions about Memberships Management (FAQ)

Membership in association management refers to the collective body of individuals affiliated with an organization. 

Yes, there are free membership management software available. Yapla, for instance is 100% free, providing essential features for associations to effectively collect dues from your members.

For collecting and managing association memberships, Yapla is a highly recommended solution. Its user-friendly interface, customizable forms, and advanced features make it an ideal choice for associations looking to streamline their membership processes.

Utilizing membership management software brings numerous benefits, including improved data security, efficient communication, streamlined processes, and enhanced member engagement. It centralizes operations, allowing associations to focus more on their core mission.

There are specialized tools, such as Yapla, designed to automate and maximize membership renewal processes for nonprofits. Yapla facilitates this through customizable renewal reminders, automated communication, and seamless online payment processing, ensuring a streamlined experience for both nonprofits and their members.

Integrating an online payment system for member dues is straightforward with Yapla. It supports various payment gateways, providing a secure and convenient way for members to pay their dues online, enhancing the financial management of the association.