Easily manage your NPO's accounting

  • Automate invoice and receipt distribution
  • Tailored chart of accounts and streamlined accounting report generation
  • Accessible to all: no accounting expertise required

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NPO's accounting

Gain time in managing
association's accounting

Centralize all your transactions in one place

  • Real-time monitoring of your cash flow
  • Automatic sales entries: no more double data entry or oversights
  • Find all your payments managed with Yapla: donations, memberships, ticket sales, etc.

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Automate the sending of your invoices, receipts, and payment reminders

  • Automated and customizable communications
  • Your invoices and receipts sent as attachments
  • Automatic or manual reminders for pending payments

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Access your documents, statements, and accounting reports in one click

  • Cash flow statement, journal, transfer report...Your reports are automatically generated.
  • Customization: accounting period, chart of accounts, project sales, etc.
  • Period consolidation: convenient for transferring your entries from a given period to an external accounting system

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Secure access to your accounting

  • Access assignment: add team members who can access your Yapla space
  • Role and access customization: limit and manage access rights based on the person's role

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 A tailored accounting solution for NPO's

Easily maintain healthy and transparent accounting

  • Simplified and automated data entry
  • Accounting documents
  • Cash or accrual accounting

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They simplify their daily accounting
with Yapla

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An all-in one toolkit designed to simplify the management of your activities

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Accounting Accounting Accounting


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Frequently asked questions about Accounting Management (FAQ)

Nonprofit accounting is the process of tracking the finances of a nonprofit organization, including income, expenses, balance sheets, and income statements. It's crucial for maintaining financial transparency, ensuring legal compliance in some cases, and facilitating decision-making. Good accounting management also allows for presenting clear financial reports to members, donors, and other stakeholders.

To effectively track your association's expenses and income, consider utilizing appropriate accounting software. These tools streamline the process by enabling easy transaction entry, providing a comprehensive financial overview, and facilitating annual reporting. For instance, Yapla integrates such accounting features, allowing simplified financial management even for those without extensive accounting expertise.

The prices of accounting software for associations can range from $0 to $500 per year, depending on the features offered. With Yapla, for $24 per month, you get a complete association management solution, including accounting, without a limit on the number of members.

Managing an association's accounting with Excel involves creating or using a structured template to record financial transactions, track budgets, and prepare financial statements. Although Excel can be a flexible and affordable solution, it requires some accounting knowledge to set up and maintain the spreadsheets effectively. A software like Yapla allows you to easily manage your accounting, without specific skills. Yapla simplifies transaction entry, member management, and financial report preparation, making accounting accessible to all association members.

The treasurer plays a key role in the financial management of an association. Their missions include overseeing the flow of money in and out, preparing the budget, presenting financial reports to members, and ensuring the organization's financial health. Tools like Yapla can help the treasurer perform these tasks more efficiently and transparently.

Yapla can help you with accrual accounting for your non-profit by allowing you to manage your receivable accounts. This means that you can track money that is owed to you, but has not yet been received. For more information contact us to find out how our Premium Plan could help you handle this situation to make your NPO accounting management more efficient.