Your nonprofit's platform just got a new look

Published August 16, 2019
A few weeks ago, our CEO Pascal Jarry told you about our name change and a new interface for the platform. Today, we are proud to be introducing you to this new interface. In fact, you will be able to use it starting right now!
Our goal: to make your use of the platform even easier with an intuitive, intelligent, and pleasant interface.
To make this happen, we have overhauled the menus, features, and information displayed. But don’t worry—all of your configurations and data are still here!

A new dashboard

This new dashboard features:
  • All of your applications in the menu on the left.
  • Shortcuts allowing you to add new events, membership types, and donation campaigns with just a few clicks.
  • Statistics to help you manage your association and monitor its development.
  • News and tips to help you with your association’s day-to-day tasks. These will be updated on a regular basis—keep abreast of what’s new!

A more intuitive presentation

We have revised the way features are presented from A to Z, so you can find information more quickly and easily.
  • See all applications in the menu on the left. By clicking on an application, you will have immediate access to its main functions.
  • To see details about a member, an event, or a donation campaign, click on it and choose the corresponding section from among the squares displayed.
  • Information is presented full-screen. To return to the previous screen, simply use the X (top right) or the secondary menu (top left).

A more pleasant platform

Lastly, we did a lot of work on the overall look of the platform… making sure it was both efficient and pleasant to use ;-)

Log in and tell us what you think of the new look!
You can also read our CEO’s post about the name change.

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