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Published August 30, 2019
This summer, the team at Yapla was hard at work. We changed our name, got a new look and made our platform even better by adding new features. See what's new and what we have in store for you this fall.

memboGo becomes Yapla

We spent our summer revamping our look and changing our name: memboGo is now Yapla.
This major decision, explained by our founder and CEO Pascal Jarry in this post, stems from a desire to better carry out our mission in Canada but also internationally.


« “It's a name that’s easily recognizable, universal and dynamic, which comes from ‘Your Association Platform.’ Yapla is your platform—an all-in-one management and payment platform that gives you the time you need to accomplish your mission.”

And you’ve already caught on!


“There's honestly nothing like Yapla!”
Simon, Francophone Assembly of Ontario


Your platform gets a makeover

New name, new look! We’ve completely redesigned the interface of your management platform. Our objective? To ensure that using the Yapla platform is as easy and efficient as possible.
We redesigned everything from the way the menus look, to the platform's functions and information. Follow our guide to learn how to easily navigate the interface.
We’d also like to thank you for your many comments. Thanks to your feedback, we were able to make daily improvements to the platform.


“The platform looks great! Congratulations to the whole team.”
Gilles, Fédération des Motocyclistes du Québec


New features to make life easier for you

We also enriched our platform with a few new features. Here are the most important ones:
  • Events: Give participants the option to register as a table, four at once, or as a pair. Ideal for tournaments and galas.
  • Donations: Update an existing receipt with new information about the donation and the donor.
  • Members: Give your members the option to buy a ticket booklet so that they can easily register for future events. A useful marketing tool to increase participation at future activities.
  • Newsletter: Mailing lists for members, donors and participants are automatically created so that you can get in touch in a snap!

Welcome to our newcomers!

Over the summer, a few new NPOs joined the Yapla community. We're happy to
welcome them! They include:
  • The Quebec public relations society which created a new website to showcase
    its members and events
  • The network for Quebec families which also created a new website for itself
  • The Quebec federation of kinesiologists which created a geolocated directory of its members
  • SherWeb which is using the platform for a benefit event for Leucan, the association for children with cancer.

How to prepare your NPO for the post-summer months

To help you during this critical period of the year, we've prepared a number of resources for you.
  • New features available soon: As always, we rely on your feedback to continually improve our platform. A number of new features are already in the works. Stay tuned!
  • Post-summer checklist: Consult our list of essential action items to get your NPO back in the swing of things.
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