memboGo: More Accessible than Ever for NPOs

Published September 27, 2017

memboGo has simplified its pricing and is now more affordable than ever for NPOs. 

We are happy to announce that memboGo has simplified its billing method and reduced the access fees for its platform.
Starting October 1, 2017, our billing method based on the number of members is now user-based to make the platform more accessible to a larger number of NPOs. However, the $0.25 transaction fees remain unchanged.

memboGo is already five years old and hasn't stopped growing in popularity. More and more organizations are putting their trust in us and the memboGo platform is evolving at a rapid pace. The addition of the Website, Events, Donations, Conferences, Newsletters, CRM and Accounting applications has made our solution feature-rich and more comprehensive. The member-based billing method is therefore more than appropriate for many of our clients. 

The new billing method now offers three packages that provide better access to the most complete all-in-one solution for NPOs on the market, starting at only $19 per month, per user. Visit our website to learn more about our packages.


More affordable rates to offer NPOs a high-performing solution to carry out their mission

Our mission is to help NPOs access technological solutions that make them more efficient while lightening their administrative load. To do so, platform access fees play a key role. With our new packages, it’s now financially easier for all NPOs to access our solution. For example, organizations with several hundreds of members and low membership fees greatly benefit from our new pricing structure.

Have you been there since the beginning? We’re grateful for your support.

Existing clients will be happy to learn that we've created a special package that we've named the “Recognition” package. The package allows our clients who've been with us from the very beginning to continue using all of the functionalities they currently use while retaining the possibility of calculating their monthly fees at the same rate.

I would like to sincerely thank all of the organizations who have put their trust in us from the start and who help us every day to develop the best NPO management platform around.

We are always available to talk with you and answer any questions you may have.

Thank you again for your support!

Pascal Jarry
Founder and CEO
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