memboGo announces a new partnership with Jamespot in order to expand its offer to non-profits

Published May 10, 2017

Montréal, Canada, May 10th 2017: memboGo, the all-in-one management solution for nonprofits, now lets organizations of the plural sector integrate their Jamespot account, the professional social network, with the memboGo platform. 

With this collaboration, memboGo and Jamespot are providing nonprofits with a novel solution to improve engagement and collaboration activities with members while automating day-to-day membership tasks. This partnership is materializing further the stakeholders’ vision  to empower nonprofits by helping them to focus resources on their mission.

A groundbreaking solution to empower the nonprofit sector
Jamespot, the French private social network leader with a client base of 80,000 users, turned to the nonprofit sector in 2016 while acquiring Sonetin, a private collaboration platform for nonprofits. Following this logic of providing these organizations with better tools, Jamespot and memboGo are now partnering, bringing a fresh approach of nonprofit management. memboGo was launched in 2013 in Montreal by a team of experts which have been helping for now 10 years nonprofits leverage the opportunities provided by the digital revolution. The initiative started when the team realized that nonprofits were lacking a simple, customizable, and reliable tool to automate the administrative tasks related to their unique challenges: managing membership, events, transactions and communications. Nowadays, memboGo has 15, 000 users, spread across Canada, France and Africa. Through this partnership, memboGo and Jamespot are introducing a new type of offer to the plural sector: leveraging member communications and collaborations to automate related administrative task like membership management. Both partners are then reinforcing their position as a proactive stakeholder of the third sector.

“Jamespot is a reputable French company that has proved its leadership in the sector. Its technology is being used by several large French companies. Jamespot is complementary to memboGo’s offer and an interesting synergy is emerging between both platforms. We are very glad to be able to provide our French and Canadian clients with Jamespot’s platform.”                                                                                                                                                
Pascal Jarry, CEO and founder of  memboGo.

About Jamespot
Jamespot is a French collaboration and social solution editor. It works with more than 80,000 users across 80 professions. Its clients range from large multinationals like Total and Banque Populaire to government institutions like Pȯle Emploi, SMEs and noprofits. Launched in 2005, Jamespot envisions to transform organisations by empowering their employees’ voices through digital tools.

About memboGo
memboGo is an initiative of the HPJ agency. Launched in 2007, HPJ has been developing digital services for numerous non-profits and foundations.  In January 2013, leveraging the cloud and its experience, HPJ introduced memboGo to help nonprofits use the web to automate administrative task. In other words, to allow nonprofits to spend more time on fulfilling their mission and generating impact within their communities. As early as 2013, HPJ’s French branch started commercializing memboGo in the French market.Today, memboGo has more than 15 000 users, including Syndicats des communications de Radio-Canada, Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec et la Fondation Charles-Bruneau.

For more information
Marie Rougier
memboGo Marketing Coordinator
(1) 514­ 274­-4242­  #2129

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