The Best memboGo Features to Kick Off the Year on the Right Foot

Published September 6, 2017
September is always a busy month, filled with board meetings, the return of volunteers and membership renewals. To save you time (and money!), here are our favorite features in memboGo that make all the difference in your NPO’s day-to-day management.

Automate as many communications as possible

Tired of sending out reminders, confirmations, invoices and receipts? Let memboGo do it for you!
Whether its for events, fundraisers or your members, you can automate most of your communications, resulting in lots of saved time. Find out how to take advantage of this feature by reading our technical support article here

Take advantage of automatic updates to your member database 

A large part of an organization's administrative work is related to its members. In the fall, you often have to touch base with members to get their new contact information: Did they move? Get a new phone number? With memboGo, your members can update their information and renew their membership at the same time. The new information will be immediately updated in your member database, which means you no longer have to get in touch with them and manually enter it into your system.
Learn how to use this module by reading our technical support article here.

Stop writing newsletters (almost)

Writing and formatting newsletters takes a lot of time. To make your life easier, memboGo automates part of your work. This feature, called the Smart Newsletter, pulls news and events from the Website and Events applications and puts them directly in your newsletter. The text, links, images and formatting are automatically generated so that all you have to do is write an introduction to your newsletter! Read our technical support article here to find out more.

Let memboGo take care of your website

In the Website application, the Master Page functionality allows you to insert information, text and images that you would like to display on your memboGo website pages. The idea is to only add this information one time and your pages using the master template will display them automatically. For example, let's say you want your logo to appear in the header of all of your pages. All you have to do is insert it into your master page and memboGo will do the rest! Here's a technical support article here to help you take advantage of this feature. 

Make accounting easier

No one likes accounting! Luckily, memboGo automates some of the work for you: Every transaction received through your memboGo website – whether it's a donation, a registration to an event or a membership registration – is recorded and consolidated in the Accounting application. All you have to do is download the report and synchronize it with your accounting software. Read our Accounting application guide to learn how it works.

Do away with member cards for participants

Do you hold member-only events? Or invitation-only events? You don't have to verify memberships at your events any longer! memboGo automatically checks memberships when participants register. Put memboGo to work for you and learn how to configure the registration process for your events. 
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