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memboGo now allows you to display a list of your event participants on your website. Just like with donation campaigns, where you can display the names of your nonprofit’s donors, you can now share the names of participants registered for your association’s events with all of your site visitors or only your members.

Where do I go to post the list of participants on my website?

In the Website application, select the page where your events are posted, which is where you’ll find the Events Section module.
This module allows you to manage several event-related options, including posting your event participants. Select “Show participants list on event detail page.”
 The module looks like this:
Apperçu du module Espace Événements

How do I configure the list of participants?

This option allows you to manage several settings (as you can see in the above screenshot):
Setting Description
List title This field allows you to modify the title that will appear above the participant list. 
By default, the title “Participants list” will appear.
Displayed for members only You can choose to share this list with only your members. If you check this option, only members that are logged in to your site will see the list.
Filter: Display members only  To showcase your members, you can choose to list only members who are attending the event. 
This option is useful for organizations whose events are open only to members as it allows you to showcase people in your organization.
Display page numbers If you check this box, page numbers will appear at the bottom of the participant list. The next field will determine the length of the list. 
The most recent registrants will appear first in the list.
Number of results per page You can decide how many participants to list per page. If the “Display page numbers” box isn’t checked, only the last participants who fall within this limit will be listed.
Columns to display You can decide what information to include in the list. By default, participants’ first and last names will appear. You can choose among all of your members’ native and custom fields (Members application) and all of the native fields that you configured in the Events.
Member Details page If you have a member directory, you can specify the page to make your members’ names clickable. Users will land on the directory profile page and will be able to go back to the event page.

Where on my website will the list be posted?

On your website, the list will be posted under your event details:

Exemple d'affichage la liste des participants sur votre site web

Be careful: this setting will be used for all events posted in this module.


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