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memboGo allows you to send many types of automated emails to your members from its different applications, including membership confirmations, invoices or confirmation of payment for a conference. The Communications History functionality provides an overview of all of the emails that have been automatically sent (or programmed) to a given member from the memboGo applications that allow for automated emails (Members, Events, Donations, Elections and Conferences). With a single click, you can also send any email of your choice. 

Note: Here are all of the emails that can be automated in memboGo.​

Where to find the communications history 

In the Members application, click on Members in the left-hand menu, select the member whose communications history you would like to view and then on Communications in the horizontal menu.

Information available in the history

In the history, you will find the emails that memboGo has sent for you, their subject lines, which applications sent them and on which date. Note that the member does not need to be logged in for memboGo to be able to locate the emails that have been sent to him or her. That means that if one of your members purchases a ticket to an event without being logged in to your website's Member Section, the communications history will nevertheless display the automated email that was sent following the purchase. The information displayed in the history is complete and no information is omitted.

When you click on the details for each email (on the gear icon, to the right of each line), you can view each email that has been programmed or sent. 

Resend an email

When you click on the details for each email, you will see a "Resend” button that will allow you to resend the email as is. No more copying and pasting!


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