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With memboGo, you can choose which membership types are available to your members. This article explains how to make a membership type available only to members holding a specific membership. This means that you can specify that, in order to pay for membership B, members must have first purchased membership A.
In other words, without membership A, members cannot take advantage of membership B. 

Note that, as an administrator, you can link any membership type to members.

Why restrict access to a membership type?

This feature allows you to create a membership workflow, whether it be
  • to develop loyalty and thank your members with a less expensive membership or with more benefits
  • or to avoid having to validate renewals and information about members with active memberships. 

How to make a membership type available based on the current membership level  

In the Members application, click on the Memberships tab in the vertical menu on the left-hand side of your screen, and then on “Membership types” in the black horizontal menu.
Then click on the type of membership whose availability you would like to limit.


Once you’ve clicked on the membership type, you will be taken to the general configuration interface.
In this page, scroll down until you reach the section “Availability of the type of membership on your website.” 

In this section, you can specify which membership type a member must have before being able to access the second membership level.
To take advantage of this membership type, the member must have purchased the membership type specified in the section ("Regular” membership).

Note that Regular memberships will only be available for renewals, in the member's Member Section, and will not be publicly displayed on your website.

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