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Your organization most likely offers several types of memberships to its members. If your members are organizations, you can offer multiple membership types for their representatives and delegates. This article explains how to configure different types of delegate memberships. 

To refresh your memory, delegates are employees or affiliates or your member organizations. They do not generally pay for their membership, which is paid for by the organization representative, but they nevertheless benefit from all of the benefits of their organization's membership. 
To see how to create a paid delegate membership, read this article

Why offer multiple types of delegate memberships? 

When an organization becomes a member, you can offer different types of benefits for its employees. For example, each of your member organizations can choose to take advantage of a specific option for their employees. You can offer different options by configuring two delegate memberships, one “With options” and the other “Without options.” 

Linking a delegate membership to a representative membership

To give your member organizations a choice, you must first link the delegate memberships to the organization membership. To do so, go to the settings for the representative’s membership and choose one or more delegate memberships.

In this example, when a member chooses the organization membership presented, they can then select the delegate membership “With options” or “Without options” for their employees. Note that there must be a minimum of 10 employees to benefit from this type of membership. 

On your website, members can make their selection as pictured in the screenshot below: 

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