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memboGo saves you time by synchronizing its different management applications. With its Smart Newsletter, memboGo syncs the Newsletter, Events and Website applications so that you can create your newsletters faster. No more need to copy, paste and reformat! With a single click, your events and news will be displayed in your newsletter.

Automatic display of an event or news in a newsletter


In the newsletter, select the zone where you would like to display the news article or event and the editing module will appear on the right.


By default, the content type is HTML. To make it appear in the content for your events and news, select "memboGo Events” or “memboGo articles.” Note that you must have created news or events (vsee how to create an event here) so that memboGo can add it into the newsletter. If you use Joomla and have connected it to memboGo, the option “Joomla! articles” will also be displayed.


If you’d like to display an article or news, you must define the “target,” meaning, the site where the article is located. If your website is on memboGo, select “memboGo website” and specify the website and web page where the article is located. If the article is located on another site, select “external site” and provide the URL.


While the Smart Newsletter saves you time by removing the need to copy, paste and reformat text and images, you must nevertheless choose how to display the content. You can:
  • Give a title to the section (not mandatory);
  • Set the display mode (whether you'd like columns or images);
  • Specify the extent to which memboGo will look for events/articles and if the selection is restricted to certain categories;
  • Set the display order; and
  • Lastly, select the language of the content that you’re adding.
Once you've made your choices, memboGo adds the corresponding content and you can choose the specific events or articles that you'd like to display,

Lastly, a preview button allows you to take a look at the final product. Don't forget to save!


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