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If you need to adjust or modify multiple contacts, the import tool allows you to work faster with the help of an Excel file.

Preparing the import file

Your Excel file must contain a first row with the name of the fields, as well as one contact per row. It is possible to import a file with a single column labelled "email address.”

Format de votre fichier Excel

To speed up the data processing time, avoid using a file with complex formatting or macros. You can quickly copy and paste your data without formatting it by copying the data and pasting it into a new file using the “Paste values” option in Excel.

Importing contacts

  1. In the Newsletter application, click on the Contacts menu and then on Connectors.
  2. In the Import Excel section, click on Upload and select your Excel file.
  3. Three columns will then appear. The first column on the left is the list of columns in your Excel file. The center column is the list of custom fields in the Application. You must therefore link the column from your file with the corresponding custom field so that the application knows where to save the data. It is not necessary to link all of the columns if some of them are not used in your contacts.

    To link a column, simply drag and drop the block into the corresponding box.

  4. Click on Import. The import duration with depend on your file size.
  5. A summary will appear. If certain email addresses already appear in your repository, they will be considered as updated contacts. If you have invalid contacts, the corresponding lines will be indicated at the bottom of the page. Invalid email addresses are usually due to an incorrect email address format or when there are empty lines at the end of your file.
    Résumé de l'import
If you've created simple or advanced filters, the new contacts will be automatically added to the filters that correspond to their profile.

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