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memboGo's rates are adapted to the size and needs of each organization. Three subscriptions are available depending on the functions that you plan to use.

When creating your account, you can test memboGo at no cost for 30 days. Following this trial period, you will be invoiced every first of the month.

Fees per user

memboGo is billed per user.  Every first of the month, the number of active user accounts is added to your bill according to your plan.
Takeoff Orbit Cosmos
$19 $49 $99
per user
per month
per user
per month
per user
per month

Fees per transaction

All transactions managed by memboGo's payment system are billable. This includes credit card payments, payments by check, PayPal payments, bank transfers and all other payment systems available in memboGo. The transaction fee is $0.25 per transaction, regardless of the amount.

Additional websites

The Website Application is available for all accounts. Thanks to this application, you can easily create a website to manage your members, events and donation campaigns.

If you would like to have more than one website to promote a special event or even launch a specific fundraising campaign, additional sites will be billed at $20 per month.

Number of contacts for your newsletter campaigns

The Newsletter Application is automatically activated, at no additional cost, with the possibility of communicating with 2,500 contacts. You can send an unlimited number of emails. If you would like to send newsletters to more contacts, it is possible to increase the contact limit. Below is the pricing structure for the Newsletter Application.
Maximum number of contacts Cost
2,500 Included with your memboGo account
5,000 $30/month
10,000 $50/month
25,000 $100/month
50,000 $200/month
75,000 $350/month
100,000 $500/month
Unlimited Contact us

Consult our pricing page

Consult this page for more details about memboGo pricing.

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