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With the CRM application, you can create a customized database for your NPO. For example, a “Volunteers” application does not exist in memboGo, but you can create the database you need to manage your data with the CRM application. Here's how to create your customized database.

Configure your customized database

Start by creating an object in the CRM application. An object specifies the type of information you'd like to manage, such as volunteers or exhibitors. 
Une base de données sur mesure pour votre OBNL

Give it a name (for example, “Volunteers”). You’re now back to the Objects Management main menu. Click on your object and then on “Settings” to continue the configuration process.
Configurer sa base de données sur mesure

Once in the settings menu, click directly on the Forms sub-tab (in the black vertical menu, on the left) and then on the “Creation” form in the "Administration” environment.
The administration forms are the ones you can consult: they form the structure of your database. By personalizing these forms, you are personalizing your database. Once in the Creation form Administration section, verify if it already contains the fields that you need. 

Créer un formulaire pour la base de données

If not, click on “Fields.” This is where you can personalize and create the fields that correspond to the information that you would like to gather. 
Créer des champs personnalisés pour la base de données

The native fields are the fields that memboGo provides to you by default. You can personalize the labels or add custom fields by clicking on “Add field.”
Read this article about the Donations application which describes how to create a custom field. (Custom fields behave the same way in all memboGo applications.)

Add an instance

Now that you've personalized your database, you must create an instance (in other words, an item, which is a volunteer in this case) by clicking on “Add” in the “Manage instances” tab.

The form that you fill out to add your first volunteer is the one you've personalized in the previous steps (the “Creation” form in the “Administration” environment).
A “Status” option is available in the form. If you have the Cosmos plan, you can personalize this option by going back to Settings and clicking on the “Status management” sub-tab. For a volunteer, for example, you could have three statuses: “former volunteer,” “current volunteer” and “new volunteer whose resume must be reviewed.” 
Note that you can remove the Status field from your forms but that this option is helpful when navigating your database.

Gestion des status dans l'application CRM

Once you've saved the new contact, the information appears in your object instance database.
Interface de recherche des instances dans l'application CRM

Consulting and modifying an instance

The “Creation” form in the administration section is where you can add instances to your database. There are specific forms available that allow you to control the information that you can modify or consult. As with the Creation form, you can modify these forms.
In the Forms sub-tab (in the Settings page),

  • the Editing form allows you to control which information can be modified after creating the instance.
    This form must include the fields for the Creation form that you make editable. 
  • The Consultation form allows you to determine which information is visible when consulting the details of an instance.
    This form must therefore contain the fields for the Creation form that you make visible.

To update these forms, remove that information that you do not wanted to be editable or visible and add your desired information. 
Formulaires pour consulter et modifier une instance de l'application CRM

Creating a customized form 

If you have the Orbit or Cosmos plan, you can create customized forms (in the environment of your choice) by clicking on “Add a form” in the Forms tab in the Settings page. 


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