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If your nonprofit or association organizes events, you know that social media is one the best communication channels to promote them.
However, it's not always easy to do it effectively. For example, when you share the web link for your event on a social network, the preview often displays a poor image or description.
In this article, we'll explain how to take advantage of memboGo to solve this problem and optimize the display of your event when sharing it on social media.

If you're looking for tips on how to get the most of your networks, read our article here.

Where do I configure my organization’s social media accounts?

To specify how your event will be displayed on social media, you must first integrate your social media accounts into memboGo.
To do so, click on Account Configuration (in the top left of your screen in memboGo). Next click on Your Organization and then Social Networks.

Comment ajouter des médias sociaux à son compte memboGo

Add the URLs to your accounts and click on Save.


Where do I specify how I would like my event to appear on social media?

You can configure how your event is displayed on social media using the Events application.
When you create an event (see the steps to follow here), in the event's main configuration page, there are several fields that allow you to personalize how your event is displayed.

Configurer un événement sur memboGo
The event configuration main page in the Events application


When you share a link on a social network, the web page title is selected by default, as well as a short description. If you share the link to your event’s page, the title of the event will be selected (circled in blue in the screen capture below).

For the short description that accompanies the title, the network will select information found on the website. This can therefore be any information at all, unless you personalize the fields provided for this purpose, below the Additional Description fields.

Titre de l'événement sur le preview Facebook
This is the title that will be selected by social media.

Description - preview Facebook
Personalize your event's description.


The thumbnail and image appear on your memboGo site that is promoting your event. These images can be the same or different. Their location on the memboGo site depends on how you've configured the visual layout for your events. To see your different options, read this article). By default, the social network will select the image that you've chosen as your thumbnail.

Important: Each network has a different optimal image format. Often a landscape image will do the trick, rather than a portrait image.

And there's the final product on social media!


Did you change your event's image in memboGo but the image hasn't changed in the Facebook preview? Insert the URL here click on “Scraper,” and the image will be displayed. This tool, created by Facebook, allows you to update the images in previews on the platform.


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