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If you organize charity events with memboGo, you can offer participants a tax receipt in the amount of your choosing.

To use this feature, you must be subscribed to the Orbit, Galaxy or Cosmos plan and activate the Donations and Events applications in your account.

Creating the donation campaign

To generate receipts, you must first create a campaign for the purpose of collecting donations. Important: Don’t forget to configure your accounting settings if you’d like to use different accounting items for your event.

The donation campaign associated with your charity event does not need to be published on your website and the campaign’s configuration will apply when a registration is purchased.

Configuring your event’s prices

For each price for your event, go to the section “Donations and tax receipts” and check Automatically generate a donation. Then choose the campaign where donations will be created.

Next, return to the section “Price by period” to specify the donation value as a percentage or as a dollar amount.

Générez un don automatiquement

Once you've configured this option, a donation will automatically be created for each event registration.

Generating donations after the event

As soon as automatic donations are activated, event registrations will generate a corresponding donation. However, you can activate this option after the opening of registrations or even after the event has ended.

If this is the case, existing registrations will still be able to generate donations. In the event configuration, go to the Registration tab in the black horizontal menu. Next to the Registration List, click on the Actions menu and then “Generate the donations.” 

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