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If you’ve received donation pledges and you would like to display them in your campaign thermometer or simply track them, you can enter them manually in memboGo.

To add a pledge, in the Donations received list for your campaign, click on the Actions button located to the right of the list and then on “Add a pledge.”

Ajouter une promesse de don

The form is the same form used to add a donation, but without the payment step. The pledge will appear in the list of donations with the status “Pledged.” As long as the status remains “Pledged,” the donation amount can be modified.

Transforming pledges into donations

In the pledge details, click on “Pay” in the upper right corner.

Payer une promesse de don

Choose the payment method, complete the form and proceed to payment. The pledge will automatically be transformed into a donation and a thank you message and receipt will be sent, if necessary.

Displaying pledges on your website

You can display your campaign's thermometer if you would like to increase the amount of donations received.

In the Graphical Interface for the Donations module, check the box “Include donation pledges in the thermometer.”

Afficher les promesses sur votre site

The two types of thermometers will be updated: the global thermometer on the campaign list, as well as the campaign thermometer on its information page.

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