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memboGo Conferences allows you to sell passes, conference session registrations and other options, also referred to as “Activities.” Depending on your needs, you can offer products like:
  • Passes without additional options which include all of the conference sessions
  • Passes with additional options which include all of the conference sessions
  • Optional passes and paid sessions
  • Paid passes or sessions

This article covers this last point, meaning, you can sell passes that include all sessions, or you can offer the possibility of paying for individual sessions without buying the pass.
To do so, you must go to the Conferences and Activities page in the Conferences application.

Select the session and then go to the Rates page in the left-hand menu. You must then create two rates. A free rate will be associated with the pass, as well as an “à la carte” rate which will not be offered if a participant has already selected a pass when registering.

Creating a free rate 

For the free rate, you must check the box “Limit access to registrations with a package” and select the passes concerned. The session will then be proposed as soon as a participant selects a pass. You can register the participant automatically by checking the box “Automatically register the main participant at this rate.” ​

When the participant registers for the pass, the session with the free rate will be automatically included. 


Creating an à la carte rate 

For à la carte rates, you must check “Do not propose if a package is selected.” As a result, participants who do not select a pass will have the option to pay for this session.

When registering, the participant will only be able to choose from the sessions and activities available at this rate.

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