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Configuring a memboGo conference takes time because you must configure the settings for a large number of elements.

If you would like to launch a new conference whose configuration will be the same as a previous conference, it is now possible to duplicate conferences to save time.

To duplicate a previous conference, choose from the list of conferences and click on the Duplicate link in the user actions menu or click on the Duplicate button in the conference settings.

Dupliquer un congrès dans memboGo

The new conference will recover the following elements from the duplicated conference:
  • Parameters (name, description, contact information...Don't forget to update the dates!)
  • Registration periods
  • Room
  • Themes
  • Options
  • Passes
  • Activity types
  • Custom fields
  • Forms
  • Communications
The Time Slots, Conference, Exhibitors and Registrations will not be duplicated.

Once the new conference has been created, you can personalize it according to your needs without affecting the original conference.

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