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Is your NPO organizing a conference and you’d like to increase your event registration sales? Offering a discount is an excellent way to go about it.
You can create discounts according to the total amount charged to the participant. For example, if a registrant pays for one full day of your conference as well as an activity that will take place another day, you can offer a discount.
For information about how to offer a discount for a specific registration period, such as an Early Bird rate, read this article


In memboGo, go to the Conference application, then click on the conference that you would like to configure. From the welcome screen, click on the Settings tab to access the special rates.

Image 1 - Click on Settings to create a discount according to the total amount.

Then click on Discount.

Image 2 - Click on Discounts to create a discount according to the total amount.

The Discounts tab allows you to configure the discount value (if it is a fixed amount or a percentage), the types of activities that it will apply to and who can apply the discount.
You’ll find all of your discounts in this tab and you can modify them at any time. To create a new discount, click on Add a Discount.

Image 3 - Add a discount according to the amount charged to the registrant.

In this case, you must create a discount. Here are the steps to follow.
Once you’ve clicked on Add a Discount, you must fill out the form to configure it.
The General section is where you must describe the discount. This description serves to inform registrants who are purchasing passes for an activity, conference or package of the conditions for the discount. The period allows you to specify the time frame where the discount is available. Will it only be available for Early Bird passes, for example? (To see how to create these periods and their associated discounts, read this article).

You can also choose who can apply the discounts, such as your NPO's members only or all participants.
When choosing a discount that is exclusive to members, you must choose if the discount is only available to members with a certain type of membership or if all members (and therefore all membership types) can apply the discount.

Image 4 - Configuring a discount

The Discounts section is where you can specify the value.
In the example, we’ve applied a 50% discount for all purchases greater than $100. We could have implemented a discount of $100 (select percentage or fixed amount in the second box) for purchases greater than $200 (dollar value starting at which the discount will apply).

Image 5 - Specifying the discount amount

The Discount Calculation Mode section is where you can indicate what the discount will apply to.
The discount can therefore be applied to a package, an activity or another option of your choice. For example, if you’d like to apply the discount to activities and not packages, uncheck the packages and options. If you would only like the discount to apply to a single activity, please refer to the section below entitled How do I exclude an activity/package/option/conference session from a discount?
Next you must complete the Calculation Method subsection.
Imagine a case where multiple people register in the same transaction, for example, one person registers for himself as well as his colleagues. You can determine if the discount applies to each person (depending on what they each purchased individually) or on the cumulative amount.
The discount only applies for each participant if multiple people have registered in the same transaction. In cases where one person completes a single transaction to register, the discount will apply to the total amount charged.

Image 6 - Specifying the discount amount

The Accounting section allows you to easily calculate the receipts linked to each package/activity/option as well as each discount.
Choose the accounting heading that corresponds to your conference revenues and each transaction will be synced and displayed in memboGo's Accounting application.
Once you've configured this page, remember to save your modifications (at the bottom right of your screen).
Congratulations! You've created a 100% discount that applies during the Early Bird period, for all packages, options and activities and for everyone who registers! 

Image 7 - Tracking receipts and sales


At this point, you’ve created your discount and you’ve specified where it applies, for example, an activity, package or other options. But what do you do if you have a package/activity/option that sells well and you don’t want the discount to apply?
In the horizontal menu, click on Conferences and activities.

Image 8 - Accessing the activity or conference session

Click on the activity that you would like to exclude from the discount. 

Image 9 - Excluding an activity from a discount on the total transaction amount

You now have access to the form describing the activity. At the very end, check “Exclude this activity from the discount calculation” to exclude the activity from the total amount charged. Don't forget to save!

Image 9.5 - Excluding an activity from a discount on the total transaction amount 


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