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Let's say your NPO is organizing a conference and you want to encourage your guests to buy their passes as soon as possible. The solution: Offer discounts to provide an incentive for your first registrants.
For example, you can create discounts according to the date your guests register. It's the tried and true “Early Bird” concept.
If you would like to create discounts according to the final amount charged to a registrant (for example, a 15% discount for a $200 purchase), read this article.


Where do I find discounts linked to the registration period in the conference application?

In memboGo, go to the Conference application, then click on the conference that you would like to configure. On the welcome screen, click on the Settings tab to access the special rates.

Image 1 - Click on Settings to create a discount according to the registration period.

Then click on Registration Periods.

Image 2 - Click on Registration Periods to create a discount according to the registration period.

The Registration Periods tab allows you to specify the dates on which you would like to apply the special rates. You will also find all of the periods that you have created with the possibility to edit them at any time. (If you'd like to create discounts according to the quantity or total amount, click here.) You can also export all of the information to generate reports. 

Image 3 - The Registration Periods tab in the Conference application


How do I create a special rate linked to a specific registration period?

You're now ready to create your first Early Bird pass. Here are the steps to follow.
Step 1: Specify the period where the special rate applies.
For example, is the early bird pass going to be sold for one month, a week or one day before your conference?
As explained above, you must create the period in the Registration Periods tab. Click on Add a Period and specify the period where your discount applies. 

Image 4 - Specify the registration period where the discount applies.

Step 2: Specify the discount amount.
If you would like to apply the discount to a specific activity or conference session, or even a pass, click on Conferences Sessions and Activities, or Passes, respectively.

Image 5 - Link a discount to an activity, a conference session or a pass.

To create the discount for an activity or conference session, click on the activity or session where you would like to apply the discount and then click on Prices.
Image 6 - Select the activity or the conference session where the discount should apply according to the registration period.

Image 7 - Link a discount to a specific activity.

The Prices tab, located in the submenu for each activity and conference session, allows you to configure the cost of your activity or session. Click on the specific price where you would like to apply a discount (such as a senior rate, student rate or member rate). The activity's default price is displayed in the General Information section. Go to the Registration Periods section to specify the price discount according to the period.

The registration periods created in the Registration Periods tab (in the main menu) are automatically displayed here. All you have to do is enter the price that goes along with it.
Image 8 - Create a discount for an activity according to a specific time period.

To create a discount for a pass, go to the Passes tab in the Settings menu. (See Image 5.) Click on the pass to be configured and then go directly to the “Price per registration period” section. There you will be able to specify the price of the passes for each registration period. 

Image 9 - Create a discount for a pass according to the period. 

How do I choose who can get the special rates?

Let's say you only want the Early Bird pass to be available to your NPO's members.
Whether in the Passes or Prices section (for an activity or a conference session), you can choose who the discounts can apply to. In both menus, there is a section below the general information section entitled “Display for.” If the rate is open to everyone, click on “Members and Non-members.” If you are only offering the rate to members, click “Members only.” 

Image 10 - Make a discount for an activity available only to a specific group. 


How do I apply taxes?

By default, the prices you enter into the memboGo Conference application exclude taxes. To apply taxes, you must select them at the end of the Add a Price form (for an activity or conference session) and the Passes section.

Image 11 - Applying taxes on an Early Bird discount for an activity. 


How do I easily calculate my sales revenues?

To easily track your receipts, you can link revenues with activities, conference sessions, passes and discount types in the Accounting section. Each transaction will be synchronized with the appropriate accounting item in the Accounting section.

Image 12 - Track the receipts generated through discounted pass sales.

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