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In addition to collecting donations, memboGo allows you to sell products and services. In other words, the platform can automatically manage most of your organization's financial transactions. But as with all organizations, the revenues generated must be recorded in your accounting software, such as Sage, Acomba or Quickbooks.

Before going into detail, let's review an NPO's basic accounting tasks. Without an e-platform, each transaction – such as the purchase of a membership or an event registration – must be associated with an invoice. This invoice must contain several pieces of information, such as a number, a description of the services provided and tax amounts. The invoice must be created manually for each transaction. As a result, any person or organization that makes a payment to an organization must be known by the accounting system. Depending on the size of the organization, this task – which has no real added value – can cost a lot in terms of time and management fees.


memboGo allows organizations to avoid having to create invoices manually

memboGo generates invoices automatically, all while consolidating your accounting headings. The first step is to activate the Accounting application in the Applications page, located in the Configuration zone. The Accounting application will immediately appear in the application selector.
In the Accounting application's Settings menu, in the left-hand menu, you can activate tax management and configure your chart of accounts, for example. The chart of accounts allows you to specify three types of accounts: income accounts, tax accounts and bank accounts. For each account type, you can create an unlimited number of accounts for use in the different memboGo applications. The account numbers used should be the same as those used in your accounting system.
Having replicated a portion of your chart of accounts, memboGo can now create your accounting entries automatically for each transaction. A general accounting ledger, the Accounting application's default page, is also available to you. All of the journal entries generated by sales can be found there.


Bank accounts 

Bank accounts are used in the Settings interface -> Payments. It is possible to link an account to each payment mode, for example, credit card, check or PayPal, to name just a few.


Comptes de type Taxes

Les comptes de type Taxes sont utilisés dans l’application Comptabilité à partir de l’interface Configuration->Taxes.  Pour chaque taxe gérée par le système, il est possible d’y associer un compte.

Tax accounts

Income accounts are used in all interfaces where you can specify a product to sell, for example, membership types or event rates. It is also possible to specify if the product is taxable.

IMPORTANT - You must link an account to each element

In order for your entries to be balanced, you must systematically link an account to each of the following elements:

  • All of your payment modes
  • All of the taxes you collect
  • All of the products you sell, including donations

When you examine your general accounting ledger after a few transactions have posted, you will easily be able to see if your system has not been completely configured because your entries will not be balanced.

Consolidating your journal entries

Ayant en main toutes les écritures comptables, il devient facile pour memboGo de consolider ces dernières sur les With all of your journal entries in hand, memboGo can easily consolidate them for the time periods of your choosing. In the Consolidation interface, you can find out the amounts consolidated for each account for a specific time period. Afterwards, all you must do is make a few entries into your accounting system's general ledger and you avoid having to create all of your invoices manually.

memboGo is not a replacement for your accounting software

memboGo only manages revenues. It is not possible to track your organization's expenditures or generate accounting reports such as results or reports.

Save hundreds of hours with the Accounting application

With the Accounting application, you no longer have to create a single invoice manually; all you have to do is make a few dozen accounting entries per month. With memboGo, managing your day-to-day just got easier!


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