Onboarding by the memboGo team

With memboGo's onboarding process, you get access to a team of digital specialists to configure your memboGo account. Depending on your needs, we will design the best resources for you when you need them most.

To make life easier for you, you'll be in touch with a single contact person: your account manager. Your account manager, a memboGo specialist, will provide you with training and help you to configure your account. He will be the bridge between you and the specialists you need. Our account managers work with:

A programmer
An integrator
A designer

Your account manager works with you according to your needs and your internet knowledge.
For example, he or she may step in when it comes to:

Getting training on the memboGo platform
Configuring your memboGo account
Adjusting or creating a graphic template according to your budget
Giving you advice on how to attain your objectives

To sum it up, our Onboarding team will help you set up a high-performing website that will promote and advance your organization while drastically reducing your administration costs.

Onboarding with memboGo 

Onboarding at memboGo consists of a time bank that you use as you need it. It is sold in 20-hour increments at a rate of $1,600 per block. Contact us today to benefit from our onboarding services.

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