Our Best Social Media Tips for Your NPO

Published July 11, 2017

Nearly all NPOs – whether it’s a professional association, a foundation or a community organization – are present on social media. But, no matter the objective or how different platforms are used, managing social media is often very time-consuming for NPOs. Here are a few tricks to get the most of social media, in less time.

Promote your social media accounts

The reflex of many organizations is to use social media to promote their activities or services by sharing content from their website.
Conversely, promoting social media accounts on other media is less common.

Why should you try to get more subscribers and encourage your audience to follow you on social media, in addition to visiting your website and reading your newsletter?
First, social media is the perfect platform to reach a new audience: When users share one of your posts, their entire personal network indirectly sees your message. And getting more subscribers means that you’ve reached more prospects. Second, social media is the most fluid way to interact with and gather feedback and ideas from your audience. It’s also easy to follow trends, specifically with hashtags.

To promote your social networks in a more subtle way, include social media icons on your website and in your newsletter.

Website: With memboGo, when you configure you account and activate the footer or header modules in the website application, your social media accounts will automatically be displayed. You can also automatically add a section that automatically displays news on your Facebook page.

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Newsletters: You can also promote your social media accounts in your newsletter by personalizing the footer.

Share professional-looking content in seconds

To promote your services, events, conferences and fundraisers, you can share content from your website on your social media accounts.

However, sharing on multiple platforms can turn out to be difficult since each platform has its own image format, and copying and pasting the link to a web page simply doesn't cut it. Often, a poor description or image is selected, and the image quality often suffers. A quick solution is to (re)read our guide on optimizing images.
A little bonus for memboGo Newsletter and Website users: You can share your content on all social media networks directly from your newsletter and your website's pages. Cut and paste no more! If you’ve thoroughly read the paragraph on promoting your NPO on social media, you now know that these buttons are also an effective way to promote your social media accounts among your readers. 

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Use social media according to your objectives

Lastly, keep in mind that your use of social media should be strategic and guided by your objectives. Here are our suggestions on how to be more effective.

Recruiting members
In addition to highlighting your services and explaining the benefits of becoming a member of your chamber of commerce or professional association, think about shining a light on your members. Your current members will appreciate the media coverage and doing so will emphasize the power of your network in the eyes of potential prospects. Identify your members and their companies to increase your reach (meaning, the number of users who see your post) for each of your publications.

memboGo tip: You can automatically showcase your new members on your website without having to manually update your website. Find out how with our 
new members module.

Promoting events, conferences and training
When you share an event, social media platforms create a “preview.” To make your preview correspond to your message, add an image to the web page that you're sharing. Also think about editing the description that’s automatically pulled by the social media network so that it is clear, directly in the publication editor.
In addition to sharing your event's registration page, we recommend creating a “Facebook event.” This type of Facebook group gives you a chance to communicate with everyone who's interested in the event, as well as their friends, and not just the people who've already registered or subscribed to your newsletter.
Our best social media tips for your nonprofit 

Encouraging online donations and promoting fundraisers.
Once again, thanks to its reach, if your donors share the donation link on social media, you'll reach more potential donors. You can also thank them by naming them in your publications. Be sure you regularly share your progress to prove your campaign's effectiveness and impact.
For tips on how to reach your fundraising goals, read our articles (
here and here) to help you attain your financial objectives.
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