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Published December 18, 2017
We're helping Santa this year by fulfilling wishes from the memboGo community. Here’s our list of keywords that describe the new functions available in memboGo.

Website application

  • Tab -  a new display of the web page configuration to make editing easier.
  • SEO - new configuration options for web pages to improve Google indexing.
  • Non-clickable menu items - to make hierarchical menus.
  • Horizontal menu with display zone - to make menus like this one.
  • Article - for the new module that allows you to display articles on a single page.
  • Breadcrumbs - for the new module that allows you to display breadcrumbs on your site.
  • Wow - a new feature for the News module that allows you to have several types of detail pages.
  • Call to Action - for the new section of the Featured Events module where you can promote registrations.

Events application

  • Activities - a new function that allows for multiple sessions at the same event (we're looking at you, speleologists! ;-)).
  • Mandatory options - Mandatory option - allows you to link mandatory options for certain event rates, such as administrative fees.
  • Reply to -  allows you to use an event manager's email as the email used for automatic responses.

Members application

  • Family -offers the option to create multiple types of family memberships.
  • Forum - allows you to offer a discussion forum to your members.


  • Too much - gives you the option to use multiple payment platforms (Stripe, PayPal, etc.) according to the services or products that your NPO offers.

And that's not all!

We're continuing to work on other features that will be available within the next few weeks: 

  • Reimbursement - gives you the possibility to manage reimbursements automatically with the Stripe and Realex platforms.
  • Forms -  drastically simplifies the use of forms in the memboGo applications. You won't believe how easy it will be!​
  • Forms by membership types -  to be able to request different types of information from members, depending on the membership type. And to meet the general demand!
  • ​​Targeted communications - allows you to send communications to different member types at the same time.​
  • Directory - to personalize the display of the member or organization details page that comes up in directory searches.

Don't have access to one of these new features in memboGo? Find out which plan level you need here. 
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