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Effortlessly manage your member information and memberships

Get easy access to your member files

memboGo collects and manages all of your organization's member data. Thanks to easy-to-use, efficient interfaces, you can access member files in seconds. Do you need a list of the members who haven't renewed their membership yet? It couldn't be easier with memboGo.

Adjust your database at any time

Once you create your memboGo account, you'll have the option to create a customized database to save all of your member information. An easy-to-use system for creating custom fields allows you to add fields at any time.

Automate your membership management

memboGo allows you to automate your recruitment and renewal processes while preserving all of your organization's existing membership types. You can offer options, apply specific charges or propose promotional codes. The memboGo platform is designed to adapt to all types of organizations.

Offer a member directory

memboGo allows you to offer an online member directory that's equipped with an advanced search engine. The member directory is an effective tool to energize your communications with members or promote their services.

Automate your communications

memboGo takes charge of all of your organization's administrative communications. Dozens of pre-programmed and fully configurable messages are available to you. All you have to do is activate them. Who ever dreamed you'd be able to send automatic membership renewal reminders?

Valorisez votre offre aux adhérents

L’application Membres facilite grandement la gestion des services offerts à vos membres. Configurez un annuaire géolocalisé (public ou privé) et laissez Yapla le mettre à jour automatiquement avec chaque nouvel adhérent. Utilisez l’espace membre pour offrir un forum de discussion et pour afficher des ressources ou des événements qui seront ainsi seulement disponibles aux membres.

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