Donations Application

A one-stop portal for fundraising

Lead multiple front-line campaigns

With the Donations Application, you can create independent fundraising campaigns with specific objectives. Each campaign can be customized according to your needs and a user-friendly interface makes managing donations easy.

Create a web page to generate donations

Using the Website Application, you can create a transactional web page to promote your fundraising campaign and receive donations.

Track your campaigns

Thanks to the application’s dashboard, you'll be able to monitor your statistics – the number of donations, the average amount per donor and the median donation amount – all calculated in real-time.

Stay in touch with your donors

memboGo Donations allows you to build a donor database. We consolidate your campaigns’ donor groups so that you can cultivate a relationship with them over time and relaunch targeted fundraising campaigns with measurable results.

Send tax receipts automatically

Managing receipts is one of the key strengths of the memboGo Donations Application. Automatically generate tax receipts that can be customized according to your campaign's requirements.

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