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Manage your events from start to finish

Manage your event promotions and registrations

Yapla Events allows you to promote your organization's activities and training opportunities directly on your website. We manage both fee-based and free activities.

Choose your own look

Yapla Events offers several display modes that adapt to your needs. Whether you have one or many events to promote, your events will always be presented in the best light possible.

Collect all the information you need

The registration forms for each event can be configured according to your needs. For each event, you can collect the specific information you need by adding any field you wish to your form.

Register multiple people at the same time

The registration process is entirely customizable, and many options are available to you to meet your needs. Fully linked to the Member Application, you can offer your members special rates. You can also activate the Registration Management mode and allow multiple participants to register in a single transaction.

Automate event reminders

Yapla handles everything when it comes to managing your events. You can attach a PDF invoice to your registration confirmation email or pre-program the sending of an email reminder a few days before your event.

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