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memboGo's Newsletter Reporting feature allows you to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and to compare them to find out which approach works best.
The reporting tool gives you answers to questions such as “What's the best day to send my newsletter?”, “Which newsletter has been read the most?” or even “Why wasn't this newsletter sent to certain contacts?”

Where do I find the reports?

From the main screen in the Newsletter application, click on the Reporting tab. There you will find the tabs Newsletters, Bounces, Campaigns and Exports in the left-hand submenu.


List of reports available

Newsletters section
Here you will see an overview of all of the newsletters that have been sent, as well as their main details, such as the send date and the open rate.
In the Search subsection, you can filter the list according to the criteria of your choosing.

When you click on Export Report, you will then see all of the information in a spreadsheet. memboGo will automatically send you this report every time a newsletter has been sent out the previous day. Here you will also find practical information for associations and foundations who work on the newsletter as a group (such as the names of the editor and validator, for example).

This section provides an exhaustive list of bounces, meaning, when an email is unable to be delivered. The report therefore allows you to see who did not receive your newsletters, and why.

You will find this information in the Bounce column. Here are the most common reasons:

  • Hard bounce: The email address no longer exists or is not valid. 
  • Soft bounce: The email address is correct but the contact's inbox is full.
  • Block: The contact's anti-spam software blocked the email.
The Bounce Rule column tells you the exact reason the sending failed.

Campaigns section
This section provides a list of contacts according to the type of newsletter and allows you to compare lists.

Another interesting feature: In this section you can find the status of each contact, for instance, whether or not your contact gave their consent to receive communications. This is all the more important given the current laws on privacy and online behavioural advertising (anti-spam laws).

Exports section
Last but not least, the Exports tab provides you with an overview of all of the reports memboGo has generated for you and that you have downloaded. However, there is not a report on the reports that have been downloaded :)

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