memboGo's newest features - January 2019

Published January 24, 2019
As you may know, we are constantly updating your management platform in order to facilitate even more your nonprofit's day-to-day. The holiday period was no exception: you will find below the newest features available on memboGo!
  • Users:

    • You can now define user roles for your memboGo account. The Custom Roles feature allows you to increase security and confidentiality of your nonprofit's data.
      The Custom Roles feature is available for the Cosmos package
  • Groups:

    • Use the Custom Groups feature to link memboGo's applications. You can consolidate and tag contacts (members, donors, etc) and activities (events, services, etc) in order to better manage and communicate. For example, you can make web pages only available to specific groups. 
      The Custom Groups feature is available starting the Orbit package
  • Events:

  • Donations: 

  • Members: 

  • Website: 

    • Protect your nonprofit from spam emails by adding a reCaptcha to your online form. Follow our guide to set up the feature!
    • Share news from your website by adding an RSS feed.
    • Use custom groups to make a web page only available to contacts from a specific group.
      The Custom Groups feature is available starting the Orbit package
  • The login page got a makeover!

    • As you may have noticed, we updated the login page. We will be sharing pro tips and new features on this page. Stay tuned!
  • The XRM app becomes Contacts

    • Contacts consolidates your members, donors, participants, and other contacts in a single database. You can now visualize your community and better communicate. In fact, the Contacts app is synchronized with the Newsletters app in order to facilitate communications. 
  • The Form Builder app becomes Data

    • This app allows you to create custom databases. You can use this app to manage all sorts of data, such as volunteers or sponsors. You can of course add, edit or consult data as well as integrate a form in your website in order to receive applications and payments online.
      The Data app is available starting the Orbit package

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