memboGo becomes Yapla

Published August 2, 2019
In January 2013, we launched the memboGo project, an all-in-one web-based software application for NPOs. Building on our experience in developing transactional websites since 2007, our ambition was to broaden access to digital technology for non-profit organizations.
Over 6 years later—and not without a significant amount of effort—, I can say: mission accomplished. Thanks to an extraordinary team, split between Montreal and Paris, thousands of people now use the memboGo platform on a daily basis.

We share this success with you, our memboGo clients and users. I would like to thank you most sincerely for your confidence, and for your patience at certain points in time. But even more so, I want to thank you for helping the platform evolve from day to day. We want to make it clear that memboGo was created by and for NPOs.

The original memboGo project has greatly evolved over the years. To put us in a position in which we can be sure to achieve our mission—to give you time to change the world—, three important decisions were made early in the year:
  • Adopt a new name to better reflect our mission here and throughout the rest of the world.
  • Facilitate the use of the application with a new user interface.
  • Ensure greater platform stability by using the infrastructures of the world leader, Amazon.
We will have reached our 3 objectives by the end of the month of August.

Get to know Yapla

Today, we are proud to introduce our new name, Yapla. An easy-to-remember appellation that can be used in any language, which is formed from Your Association Platform. Yapla is your platform. An all-in-one payment and management solution that gives you the time you need to achieve your mission.


Your management platform gets a makeover

Who wouldn’t want to manage their NPO in an even simpler and quicker way?
This is exactly what motivated us to overhaul your platform from A to Z.
From the menus to the features to the overall look, we worked hard to make everything flow better and easier.
  • More intuitive
    It is now easier to find information and features using new menus.
  • More intelligent
    Manage and track the evolution of your NPO more easily with additional statistics and indicators.
  • More enjoyable
    Make your day-to-day management more efficient and pleasant with the new design!
This new version of the platform will be online starting August 19. Stay tuned, we will be contacting you shortly with additional information!

As always, we remain at your disposal,
Pascal Jarry, Founder and CEO, and the Yapla team.
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