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Published July 24, 2017

A compelling website is truly a development opportunity for NPOs. It not only helps organizations position themselves, specifically by promoting their initiatives, but it also has the potential to increase revenues by making services more accessible.

However, in the associations sector, few organizations have the means to invest in an effective website. And often, when an investment has been made, maintaining its level of effectiveness falls by the wayside. In addition, making sure that your website is effective adds to the NPO's administrative work. You must collect information about visitors who buy or make donations, note them in the management tool, send out communications...These tasks are necessary but they monopolize the organization's already limited resources.

This is the reason why memboGo was created. On the one hand, memboGo allows associations, foundations and other NPOs to flourish by offering a promotional and transactional website that is customized according to their needs. On the other hand, memboGo provides the tools that these organizations need to manage their day-to-day tasks, such as donations, events and members. What's the link between memboGo's two functions? The management applications are integrated as a continuation of the website content management system, creating a single, all-in-one platform. This makes it easy to sync data between the tools and to automate numerous tasks. In sum, memboGo saves you time and money.

Empower your NPO with an Effective Website while Making Management Easy

To ensure that a website remains effective, it must be regularly updated with the latest news, events or photos. But making a website come alive takes time, which most managers don't have. memboGo's all-in-one platform solves this problem by automating the content renewal process. Each of the management applications syncs with the website to create a “storefront” and an instant purchase platform. The website then becomes both a promotional tool and a way to collect payments or donations.

Receive donations in a single click on your memboGo site

The first step is to configure an objective-based campaign, as well as the donation system of your choice, in the Donations application. With a single click, you can display both the campaign and the donation collection system. With memboGo's all-in-one platform, you no longer need to figure out how to get your donor database, the donation platform and the website to “talk” to one another.

Recruit more members with a memboGo website

Thanks to its ability to sync your website and the member management tool, memboGo makes it possible to display and automatically update member information that is displayed on your website. For example, with a single click, you can create an online directory that is able to geolocate members. The directory will then be automatically updated with each new membership. What’s more, the sync function allows prospective members to become a member online by incorporating the payment process, validation step and documents required by the association.

Promote and manage event registrations directly from your memboGo website

When a foundation or association uses two different platforms to manage its events and website, it creates additional work every time a change is made (for example, a change in location or time). In such cases, you must manually modify both platforms to update them. memboGo eliminates this time-wasting step by allowing you to update your information just once so that the Events and Website applications show the new details. Plus, synchronizing the two applications allows managers to sell tickets online, directly from the website, making it a great and easy way to promote your NPO.

Manage revenues and accounting automatically thanks to our all-in-one platform

memboGo allows you to make your website transactional, meaning you can sell services or tickets to events, as well as collect donations. Our all-in-one platform also includes an Accounting application which syncs with the member management, events and donations applications. As a result, you can automatically consolidate your revenues according to each accounting heading. In addition, the revenues generated through the website are all ready to be incorporated into the accounting application, without having to be manually adjusted beforehand.

Efficiently Manage Your NPO's Data

To keep your website up and running, memboGo integrates management tools within its platform that associations need on a daily basis. In this respect, memboGo is a bit like a CRM or ERP software that manages all of your data. But, unlike traditional software, memboGo can be personalized to meet the exact needs of every NPO, whether it’s an association, a foundation or a community organization.

Manage donors more efficiently

memboGo allows you to create a customized database which makes it easy for organizations that collect donations to compile the data that they need to attain their objectives. In addition, synchronization of the Website and Donations applications allows you to automate time-consuming administrative tasks that prevent managers from focusing on the organization's campaign. For example, when a donor makes a donation online, the Donations application saves the requested information directly in the database and automatically sends a personalized email to thank the donor, as well as a tax receipt.

Automate member management

Because memboGo syncs your website and member management tool, you no longer have to manually update your CRM software. For example, when someone becomes a member, their information will be automatically added to the association's database. You can also create a secure zone on your website that only members can access and where they can directly modify their information, or even add documents – just one more example of how memboGo eliminates the need to manually update databases.


Organize events and manage registrations

Managing your events using memboGo’s all-in-one platform greatly simplifies the administrative processes related to event registrations. For example, if an event rate displayed on the website is only available to the NPO's members, memboGo automatically verifies if the person who has registered has the right to do so. That means you no longer have to verify the validity of registrations at the door! Thanks to synchronization among the applications, you can also propose becoming a member of the association while registering for an event. If the participant becomes a member, the member database will be automatically updated. Could there be a better way to increase your membership?


Automate Your Communications to Save Time

One of the most time-consuming activities in NPO management is communicating with service beneficiaries, donors and even the general public. Thanks to its all-in-one platform, memboGo greatly reduces administrative costs for associations by automating the communication process.

Send automatic transactional emails to members, donors or participants

Just as it can automatically send a tax receipt following an online donation (see Efficiently Manage your NPO's data, Manage donors section), memboGo is able to automate the sending of transactional emails related to a specific action such as purchasing a ticket or reminding members that it’s time to renew. memboGo's ability to sync the applications is also what allows for automated communications: With our all-in-one platform, managers save hundreds of hours by not having to manually send transactional emails.

Newsletter campaigns

memboGo's all-in-one platform includes a Newsletter application that allows managers to produce newsletters, faster. As a matter of fact, memboGo allows you to directly add different articles created for your website to your newsletter. No more copying and pasting images and text from the website to the newsletter software! If the newsletter is promoted on the website (for example, with a newsletter sign-up box), memboGo automatically adds the visitor’s email address to the send list.

Integrating social media

memboGo's all-in-one platform also allows you to incorporate social media. It is good practice for SEO and business development purposes to promote social media by displaying their icons on your website. memboGo does this automatically, without requiring managers to code or modify the platform. It is also possible to display social media feeds. Once again, our all-in-one platform automatically does it for you, without requiring code or manual updates.


Manage Your Association More Efficiently Thanks to Our All-in-one Platform

Our all-in-one platform simply saves you time and money, all while ensuring professional-level management. At memboGo, we believe that all NPOs, foundations, associations and community organizations should be able to reap the benefits of an all-in-one platform. Visit our website today to learn more or to get in touch with us.

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