How to Create an Effective Email Campaign

Published December 19, 2017
At the end of the year, you're most likely getting ready to send out your holiday greetings to your community. Luckily, it couldn't be easier to create an email campaign these days, but knowing how to develop an effective campaign is essential.

Today, email is the most used means of communication by all types of organizations, but it is often poorly used or not used often enough, whether for newsletters or automatic messages. However, solutions are available today that make it easy for anyone to create outstanding emails. Here are a few tips for building up a loyal audience.

Don’t treat all of your contacts the same way

First, just like any other communication tool, your email must be targeted, whether it's a holiday card or a newsletter. You should not say the same thing to your subscribers and your prospects; instead, send a different message depending on the type of contact you’d like to reach. Before creating a campaign, you must define your target and, if necessary, filter your contact base so that the right email gets to the right person.

Filtering or segmenting contacts is a basic function available in most email solutions that are currently available. This allows you to create contact categories and to send each category a specific message.

With memboGo Newsletters, you can filter your contacts and target different categories for your campaigns.

Make them feel unique

Beyond segmenting your email contacts, you can also personalize your messages. For example, your members will be much more likely to renew their membership if you address them personally, rather than as an umpteenth contact in a database.

By integrating personal data into your emails, you can identify people by name, for example. This not only makes people more inclined to read your email, but it also allows you to humanize your messages which are all too often automated.
Adding additional content according to the recipient is also a good way to build loyalty among subscribers to your newsletter. Depending on the profile, you can specify that some of your contacts should have access to content specifically intended for them. This could be, for example, a link to an invitation to a members-only event.

This organization personalizes its emails to call people to action. 

Pay attention to detail

Just because you created a newsletter doesn’t mean people will read it. Keep in mind that you’re not the only one sending emails to your recipients. Today, most inboxes are flooded with emails. In order for your message to be read and to have an impact, you must add personality to your email’s content.

The subject and preheader are very important since they're the first elements that your reader will see. You must therefore be sure to make an impact on your reader by adding a personal message. Use the subject and preheader to incite your recipient to open the email.

If the email is opened, it’s a win, but it doesn’t stop there. The objective of an email, just like any marketing tool, is to make a conversion and nothing works better than short messages with images and clearly visible calls to action.
If your email contains too many images, however, it will not be delivered to email clients that think it is spam.

Approximately 53% of emails are opened on mobile devices, which means that if you're sending an email, you must make it responsive. Most people check their inboxes on their smartphones every day and you can’t miss the chance to get noticed.

Charity: water uses visuals and impactful buttons to call readers to action.

Tell your story at the right time

There’s always a better time to send an email than at the last minute, but when is it? It depends on your target, their habits and their interests in your organization. By monitoring the open times for your emails, you can learn about your targets’ habits and know when is the best time to send your campaigns.
Generally, you must always consider the context for your campaigns. Think about whether they’ll be read at a specific time of day or year. Deliver the content that is important to your target and which is relevant to their daily life. Just think about how many promotional emails you get during the holidays. You must be sure to be where your community expects you, exactly when they expect you.

Use a personalized subject line that corresponds to the time the email is sent.

With a little creativity, organization and the right tools, you can create effective email campaigns and gain loyalty from your members and subscribers. If you’d like to learn more on the topic, check out memboGo Newsletters, the email marketing software integrated in memboGo.
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