10 Tips for a Successful Online Fundraiser

Published April 27, 2017
Using the internet to collect donations has become the norm. The technology is there – now you just need to know how to use it. Here are 10 tips on how to run a successful online fundraiser.

Create the event

Make some noise. Talk about your online fundraiser to as many people as possible. Many organizations simply add a Donate button to the menu on their website. But that's not enough. You need visibility. Optimize your website's home page by adding convincing calls to action and encourage visitors to go to your website's Donations section. This section should be packed full of information on how you will use the funds that are collected. Add a link to your Facebook page, modify your email signature and run a newsletter campaign. Create the event!

Organize multiple microcampaigns, spead out over time

Follow the lead of the Fondation Charles-Bruneau at https://dons.charlesbruneau.qc.ca/en/, and run multiple campaigns. This approach allows you to reach all of your target donors and expand your normal clientele base. It’s easier to communicate regularly and efficiently when you have the possibility to promote multiple different campaigns.

Dons - fondation Charles-Bruneau

Give specific reasons to donate

It's always more compelling to donate when you know exactly what the money will be used for. For example, imagine a campaign called Give $100 to Help a Child Go to School Next Year. It's much more inviting than giving to that same foundation for a generic campaign without a specific objective. 

Set an objective and share your progress

You have to create a sense of urgency. You must donate now! Set an end date for your campaign and display your progress using a thermometer.

Thermomètre - Dons amassés

Make donating easy

The user experience must be impeccable. You must win people's trust and donors must completely understand all of the steps to make the donation. This is very important: You must propose an optimized platform for smartphones. See how memboGo manages donations using your smartphone at https://demo.membogo.com/en/donnez.

Use powerful images

An image is worth a thousand words. This couldn't be truer when it comes to an online fundraising campaign.

Utilisez des images parlantes

Help people visualize your cause. Why not even make a video?

Display the list of your donors with their comments

Offer your donors the possibility to display their donation and to add a comment. You will make your campaign more personal and incite others to follow the example of generous donors..

Propose specific amounts

Proposez des montants précis

Guide your donors by proposing amounts. It will make the experience all the more enjoyable and the donation amount will probably be higher.

Be unique and imaginative

Propose different initiatives or events that will attract attention and pique people's curiosity.

Campagnes de dons imaginatives

Take the example of the foundation Mères du Monde en santé, which organized a fundraising campaign by inviting courageous people to walk in a fireman's shoes for an entire day: http://pompier-mms.membogo.com/en/

Capitalize on your branding

All of the platforms that you use, especially microsites dedicated to fundraising campaigns, must integrate your organization's branding. Your donors should recognize you. Always ensure that your organization's visual identity is present in your campaigns.

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Mères du Monde en Santé Foundation
International Festival of Films on Art
Fondation Charles Bruneau
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