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memboGo is the product of experience in the creation of web applications for numerous organizations to help them manage their operations. In the process of our work, we gained a deep understanding of their needs. We are proud to provide a realistic, user-friendly and proven solution to the challenges that organizations face.


The world of organizations and associations is undergoing profound changes and we know that financing is a fundamental issue. Administrators and volunteers must continuously adapt to these changes and find creative solutions in order to manage their organization and fund its activities ever more efficiently.

We know how much effort you put in to keep your organization afloat. Our mission is to support you by providing the appropriate technological solutions to promote growth and longevity for millions of organizations around the world.


The memboGo suite is designed to provide more agility to the people and volunteers responsible for managing an organization, at a price that aligns with their reality. We aim to give them the means to carry out their mission by providing a technological ecosystem that helps increase member retention and improve the member experience, as well as the relationship between members and their organization.

En aidant les associations à progresser, nous favorisons l’engagement social,
le dynamisme des communautés et le partage entre les personnes.

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Our values are the backbone of our company. They drive everything we do and how we interact with our colleagues and clients. We firmly believe that deeply entrenched values are what helps our company grow, just as they do for our clients.

Illustration écoute active

Active listening

We make every effort to remain attentive to the world around us. This is what allows us to take a critical look at every step we take in our work, from how we help our clientele to finding ways to continuously improve our service offer.

Illustration notre mission

Keeping our mission in mind

As tech experts, we have the power to make unparalleled improvements in the day-to-day lives of our clients. Our goal is to transfer this positive impact into everything we do.

Illustration travail d'équipe

Encouraging teamwork

We have the utmost respect for our teammates and we trust their judgement when it comes to making decisions that fall under their fields of expertise.

Illustration investir dans le développement

Investing in development

To stay ahead of the pack, we continually invest in our employees’ professional development, our solution and its applications.

Illustration mode de communication

Transparency as a means of communication

We promote transparency in all of our interactions with our teammates, as well as with our partners and clients. This ensures that our relationships are built on trust and constructive dialogue to help us accomplish our mission.

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