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If the forms on your memboGo site generate a lot of spam, you can activate the reCAPTCHA function on them to block robots.

memboGo uses the invisible reCAPTCHA feature, which means that most of your visitors will not be inconvenienced by it and will only see a discrete logo at the bottom of their screen. Only visitors with behavior that is considered “suspect” must respond to an additional question in order to be able to submit the form. 


Creating security keys

Before activating this function on your forms, you must open a free account and create your security keys, which will be unique to your site.

To create a security key:
  1. Go to the Google reCAPTCHA site.
  2. Sign in with a Google account (which will then allow you to manage your configurations).
  3. In the section “Register a new site,” enter the name of your website and check the option reCAPTCHA version 2/Invisible
  4. Enter your site's URL (if you have multiple sites, you can use the same key by entering them in this section).
    Exemple de création des clés reCAPTCHA
  5. Accept the Terms of Service and click on “Register.”
On the following page, the only information you will need are the two keys.

Clés pour l'activation du reCAPTCHA

Adding security keys in memboGo

  1. In memboGo, open your site in the Website application and click on the Tools submenu.
  2. In the reCAPTCHA section, enter the site key and the secret key in the corresponding spaces.
  3. Once you've entered the keys, you can activate reCAPTCHA on one or more forms by checking the box in the module configurations.

By default, the reCAPTCHA security level is set to the lowest level. If you continue to receive spam, sign into the reCAPTCHA site and modify your advanced settings to increase the security level. 

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