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Depending on your needs, a number of options are available to you to simplify or tailor the registration form for your events. These options are located in the Registration Process sub-menu in your event configuration settings.

Configuration du Processus d'inscription aux événements
  • Allow online registrations - If you want to post an event without allowing visitors to register, for example if registrations are managed through another site, you can uncheck this box and the Register button will no longer appear.
  • Activate the Login step - Allows members to log in to their memboGo account to benefit from reduced rates.
    • Suggest becoming a member - Add a button linked to the Become a Member form.
    • Allows members to search for an organization to become a delegate member automatically - If your organization manages organizations with many members, this function allows the organization's employees to register as members, even if they don't yet have a memboGo account.
    • Allow to register without becoming a member - Allows individuals to register without logging in. Do not check in the case of events reserved for members. 
      Inscription - Étape identification
  • Enable Registration Manager mode - Allows a manager to complete the registration process without participating in an event.
    • Enforce registration mode - You can activate this option in cases where the participants will never be registration managers, for example an activity intended for minors.
  • Permettre l'inscription de plusieurs participants pour une même transaction - Cette option permet d’activer l’inscription de plusieurs participants à la fois.
    • No registration form for additional participants - Only the number of additional participants must be provided. 
    • Identical registration form for all participants - The same form must be completed for each participant (Add a registration - Web).
    • Simplified registration form for additional participants - Additional participants will have a different form (Add a simplified registration) which may contain fewer fields or different fields.
  • Registration limited to holders of an invitation only - Allows you to create an access code that must be provided to participants.
    Événement sur invitation - code d'accès
  • Limit the number of available places - Allows you to set a maximum number of places available. Once this number is reached, it will no longer be possible to register for the event.

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