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To modify your profile, click on your name in the upper right corner and select “My profile” from the dropdown menu.

You will then be able to modify the following information:
  • First Name - Your first name
  • Last Name - Your last name
  • Email - The email address used to log in and to receive messages addressed to administrators. This may not be modified*.
  • Default language - The memboGo display language
  • Time zone - Your time zone. Used to display the creation/modification times in the different applications
  • Default account - If you have more than one account, the account that will be active when you log in
  • Password - To change the password used to log in to memboGo

* Although it is not possible to modify your email address, you can change your address by adding a new user with the new address and then deactivating the user with your old address.

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